Author: mlebarron

5 Simple Steps to Ace Your Next Exam

1. Setting Goals and Expectations

The first thing you need to know is what the minimum score is to pass and your intention to score way above that mark. Be honest with yourself and where your current knowledge level is. Once you know what level you currently stand, it will be much easier to dig in and learn what you need to master in the timeliest fashion. What do you want to score? Do you have a study plan? How long do you intend to study? What tools have you set out to use? What specialty do you want to practice? Set your goals and expectations early and you’ll find that your roadmap to success will be much easier to follow.

2. Study Agenda

Start looking at study material as you prepare for your school courses early. Sometimes the lecturer will cover outside material in order to cover the intended material for the class, but not emphasize information taught heavily for board preparation. By cross correlating between your lecture material and your board study prep, you fill in the gaps and critical information isn’t left behind. You’ll also have extensive notes already written for the critical period of time allocated for your exam.

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