When to Consider Insulin for a Type Two Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) Patient?

Category: Endocrine System.

Disclaimer: this is not a prescription. Using medicines without the guidance of a licensed provider  can be lethal.

If the first linc therapy fails. then consider the second linc of oral drugs. However, in case HbAlc is grcater than 8.5% then consider insulin instead of another Oral agent. OR

  1. type 2 diabetes mellitus patients that fit the following criteria:
    1. HbAlc lcvcls equal or grcatcr than 9.5%.
    2. Fasting blood glucose levels equal or greatcr than 250 mg/dL.
    3. Random blood glucose levels greater than 300 mg/dL.
    4. Ketosis.
    5. Unexplained weight loss associated with hyperglycemia.
    6. A hyperglycemic patient whose status (type I diabetes mellitus vs. type 2 diabetes mellitus) is not known.