Been International Organization of the Medical Students

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How It Works?

Healthcare Students

Be an active BIOM, join the group of millennials that are working to change the world.

Are you motivated to help the medical community?

Are you passionate to serve?

Every young BIOM is an asset for this world. You will make our world better than what it is today. You will help us evolve past wars and harm. You are our way into a peaceful, healthy, and prospering species. Let’s get started Apply now.


Our World

We as a race have to evolve past the diseases like hepatitis, HIV, and Alzheimer’s. The best way to do this is to learn and understand such diseases. Every school going child should get to know these diseases so that they can lead a hygienic and healthy life. BIOMS’ mission is to help create this awareness - one person at a time. Look for a BIOM to start these discussions. We are here for you!


All organizations that are working to help others are by default our partners. Let’s work together to serve. You lead the way and we will follow, or walk along us on our journey. Either way will lead to a better world. Work with us today, drop a note to us.