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~Thomas Dewar

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Drbeen Electives!

Drbeen is now offering clinical rotations for international medical, nursing, and research trainees.
We created this program to give the international community access to medical education in the United States. Depending on your educational background and needs, you can choose from two different types of experience based on the amount of patient interaction.

With no patient interaction, observerships involve shadowing your supervising physician while they treat and care for patients. These are typically for early year medical students and graduates.

Hands-On Rotation
Hands-on rotations involve non-invasive patient interaction such as taking histories, vitals, presenting cases and differential diagnosis in compliance with patient privacy guidelines. These are typically for clinical year medical students and graduates looking for externships.
To learn more visit Drbeen Electives page.


In a Patient Safety Culture webinar, Dr. Bassam Qadri discusses how to Improve the culture of patient safety within a healthcare environment This webinar also gives an overview of how safety plays a critical role in preventing or reducing errors and improving overall health care quality.

In Case you missed the January events
  1. In a two-part series, Dr. Ana Crawford presents ARDS- Management of Patients.
  2. In second part gives an overview of ARDS - Pathophysiology and Clinical Presentation.
  3. Acid-Base Disorders this lecture gives a fundamental review of acids, bases, pH, and how our bodies compensate for acid-base disorders.
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