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  • Understand the food classes, their contribution towards blood glucose, and the difference of metabolism during the day and the night.
  • Understand how lipids play a major role in insulin resistance and the mechanism behind it.
  • Learn how increased carbohydrates in the blood vessels and the interstitial tissue damages these structures leading to disastrous vascular, renal, and cardiac outcomes.
  • Understand why it is crucial to not only look at the carbohydrate levels but to also understand a patient's body habitus, genetics, daily stresses, eating habits, chronic diseases, hormone levels, and the psychological health to determine how to manage the blood sugar.
  • Understand the patient groups in light of ACC/AHA guidelines.
  • Study one of the most viewed lecture series on DrBeen, i.e. classification of diabetes mellitus and its management.
    Understand the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus.
  • Learn the antibody changes indicating a progression to the type 1 diabetes mellitus and the pathology behind these markers.
  • Learn diabetic ketoacidosis, its diagnosis, and its management.
  • Learn various drug classes and their mechanisms for managing diabetes mellitus.
  • Learn the mechanism of actions of biguanides/sulfonylurease
  • Learn the side effects of these drug classes.
  • Learn the diabetes management algorithm to titrate various medications and to provide combination therapies with and without insulin.
  • Learn various classes of insulin, their mechanism of action, duration of action, the onset of action and their indications.
  • Learn how to calculate insulin dose for basal and bolus types.
  • Learn about the Somogay effect and the dawn phenomenon when testing for the blood sugar levels.
  • Understand the structure of lipid molecules and their utility in our body.
  • Summarize the role of statins and other lipid lowering drugs in the context of lipid particles.
  • Understand where the lipid lowering drugs work and their side effects. This will help guide the management approach and indication for various classes of the lipid lowering agents.
  • Understand the patient groups in light of the ACC/AHA guidelines.
  • Statin prescription intensities.
  • Prescription approach for various groups.
  • Criticism of the ACC/AHA guidelines.
  • Mobeen's summary of managing a patient with dyslipidemias. Disclaimer: these lectures are to inform healthcare workers and patients for the possible management approaches. Each patient needs to be individually assessed, tested, diagnosed and treated in light of their unique presentation. These lectures do not have a prescription for any specific patient.
  • Understand the underlying pathologies of hypertension.
    Learn the defination of hypertension in light of JNC-7 and JNC-8 guidelines.
  • Review the JNC-8 algorithm with Dr. Mobeen.
  • What are the management goals to treat hypertension?
  • Understand the difference of isolated, essential hypertension, and secondary hypertension.
  • Learn the pathogenesis, screening, and assessment of the possible cause of hypertension.
  • Understand the possible complications of hypertension.
  • Understand the non-pharmacological/lifestyle change approach to managing hypertension.
  • Understand the pharmacological approach to the treatment of hypertension.
  • Understand the combination therapies with ACEI, ARB + CCB, ACEI + Thiazides.
    Do not combine ARB + ACE and the reason behind it.
  • How to modify/stop anti-hypertensive therapy.
     Premium content for clinical physicians, physician assistants, advanced practitioners, nurses, and healthcare professionals. You'll have access to the hottest medical topics, presented by board-certified specialists in critical care, peri-operative medicine, cardiovascular medicine and surgery, as well as primary care. DrBeen utilizes a modular approach to solidify and build key medical concepts by laying down the fundamentals of basic sciences along with clinical medicine.
     Our diverse faculty present critical points from their respective specialties and help ensure rich mastery of presented concepts for your daily practice.
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Lee Ann Summers

One of the best physician educators who has taken a sincere interest in seeing that providers succeed. An easy to understand lecturer, who breaks down complex thought processes to easily understandable ideas.

Lee Ann Summers

Dr. Andy Ewens

Since I read so slow it's much better than reading a textbook. Webinars usually only cover a small focused topic, but you cover many topics. Also, your price is much cheaper than traveling to professional association conferences

Dr. Andy Ewens

Robert Adams, ICU Nurse

The videos have really expanded my understanding of my patient's pathologies. I don’t work for drbeen, I’ve received no compensation and never will from them, that being said, he’s presented a good program at a fair price with amazing drawings for us visual learners.

Robert Adams, ICU Nurse

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Mobeen Syed, M.D. M.S.

Mobeen Syed, M.D. M.S.

Founder and CEO, drbeen

Mobeen is a medical doctor and entrepreneur. He is making medical education accessible for all.



Ahmed Zaafran, MD

Ahmed Zaafran, MD

Board-certified Anesthesiologist

Ahmed is also an Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology at Stanford University School of Medicine.  stanford-logo

Luis A. Verduzco, M.D.

Luis A. Verduzco, M.D.

Critical Care Medicine

Luis is board-certified in anesthesiology and critical care medicine. harvard-logo

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