“Laugh and the world laugh with you,
snore and you sleep alone. ”

~Anthony Burgess

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Drbeen at MedicineX!

Stanford MedicineX is a multifaceted program that represents a new way of solving health care’s most pressing problems. Sown in the fertile soil of Stanford University’s rich academic resources; germinated at the grassroots level by passionate, imaginative people; nurtured in the high-energy, risk-taking environment of Silicon Valley, Medicine X is an innovative way of re-imagining digital health, medical education, clinical research, new health care venture formation, and the future of healthcare.

A must watch featured video

General Principles of Hemodynamics (part1) Dr Mobeen explains General principles of the CVS Organization Heart as two pumps Series and parallel circuits Chemical composition of the venous and arterial blood Blood flow direction Various pressures in the CVS. Watch the second part of General Principles of Hemodynamics(part2) 
Featured Webinar 

Asthma Classification by Dr. Mobeen Syed

2016 Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA). This classification is retrospective and establishes a category based on the management regime that worked for the patient

In Case you missed the October events
  1. Asthma Types and Clinical pathophysiology presented by Dr Mobeen Syed.
  2. Dr Sameer Islam presents 10 Most Important Disorders of the Small Intestine.
  3. Master Insulin Therapy (part3) with Dr Mobeen Syed.
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