Microbiota Alteration Due to Antimicrobial Therapy

Category: Pharmacology.

Disclaimer: this is not a prescription. Using medicines without the guidance of a licensed provider  can be lethal

Only a few examples are given here:

  1. In hospitalized patients on antimicrobial therapy, normal flora is suppressed as well. This partial void of normal flora allows prevalent pathogens in the environment to fill in. This results in the patient carrying super-bugs (mostly drug resistant) e.g. Staphylococci Aureus and Pseudomonas.
  2. Women taking oral antimicrobials can have their vaginal microbiota partially suppressed resulting in abundant growth of candida.Persons
  3. receiving antimicrobial therapy may end up with the suppressed normal flora of the gut. This can result in the establishment of the drug-resistant pathogens. Which, in turn, can cause severe enterocolitis. An example is diarrhea by clostridium dificille.