Hi, I'm Dr. Mobeen, but you can call me DrBeen.

I'm a practicing doctor as well as a professional computer scientist in Silicon Valley. As a medical professional, I know the education that needs to take place out of the classroom to prepare physicians, nurses and other medical professionals for their careers.

But as a computer scientist, I know there had to be a better way than the cme and video library options out there…

I started DrBeen to provide several things:

  • Best in class medical education. Our lectures are designed to break down medical topics into an easy-to-understand and concise format.
  • Technology that enhances the learning experience
  • A community of a million US based medical professionals. Learn with and from your peers.

Whether you’re starting your medical school journey, preparing for residency, or a professional continuing your education, Dr Been provided the highest quality education and the performance technology to deliver on the best online learning experience.

Some of our happy members

R – Robert Adams, ICU Nurse

The videos have really expanded my understanding of my patient's pathologies. I don’t work for drbeen, I’ve received no compensation and never will from them, that being said, he’s presented a good program at a fair price with amazing drawings for us visual learners.

A – Dr. Andy Ewens

Since I read so slow it's much better than reading a textbook. Webinars usually only cover a small focused topic, but you cover many topics. Also, your price is much cheaper than traveling to professional association conferences

A – Amy Strzalkowski

Never have I encountered teachers who are able to explain complex medical conditions in such a way that the knowledge is easily understood and grasped! I am so excited to continue my learning with Drbeen!

E – Emilio Larrazabal

I have been reading ecgs and trying to understand it for so long but it never sticks. Thank you for making it so easy! after watching a sample video of yours i just had to subscribe. I look forward to brushing up my medical knowledge as i continue my studies in Emergency Medicine! Thank you!!!!

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Infectious Diseases Package


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  • 39 available lectures
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What Makes DrBeen Different

  • Engaging Classroom Style Instruction
  • Community of Likeminded Medical Professionals
  • Personalized Medical Education
  • More Than Just Medical Videos
  • Techonology Company Based In Silicon Valley

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