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Drbeen at MedicineX!

Stanford MedicineX is a multifaceted program that represents a new way of solving health care’s most pressing problems. Sown in the fertile soil of Stanford University’s rich academic resources; germinated at the grassroots level by passionate, imaginative people; nurtured in the high-energy, risk-taking environment of Silicon Valley, Medicine X is an innovative way of re-imagining digital health, medical education, clinical research, new health care venture formation, and the future of healthcare.

A must watch featured video

Master Insulin Therapy. Master the course on insulin therapy with Dr. Mobeen. Learn how to adjust the dose depending on the severity of the pathology and the patient's lifestyle.
Featured Webinar 

Basic Eye Exam by Dr. Zaina Al-Mohtaseb. 

In this talk, Dr. Zaina presents the essentials of history taking from a patient with an eye injury. 

In Case you missed the September events
  1. Our Favourite intensivist and anesthesiologist Dr. Luis A. Verduzco presents the pathophysiology, labs, diagnosis, and the management of sepsis and the septic shock.
  2. Dr. Abdullah Mazin discusses febrile seizures. He covers the definition, causes, and the risk factors.
  3. We are so excited to share that last month, Drbeen introduced 3D Body for our students. We know how important it is to see anatomical structures while mastering anatomy and various procedures.

Coming in October

Hey, guys, we are so happy to share that we will be introducing brand new interactive Q&A in October. Stay tuned ...

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Fixing a curved spine using a with a minimally invasive scoliosis surgery.

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