John J Prietto, NREMT-P

John Prietto has been working in Emergency Medicine as a National Registered Paramedic since 2007. John grew up in California but recently moved to Texas where he is working in an evidence-based pre-hospital system; which has been leading the way with DSI (Delayed Sequence Intubation), large scale Ketamine use, TXA and much more. John obtained his AS Degree from Azusa Pacific University. John is currently finishing his Pre-Med and BA in Healthcare Care Administration. John loves teaching medical concepts making complex topics more understandable but most importantly enjoyable. One of John’s greatest achievements is being the proud father of three children (two girls and one boy who is special needs). For John, his family is what drives him to be the best medical professional he can. If John is not with his family he can be found high in the mountains often alone, having summited Mt. Whitney and mountaineered its sister mountain Mt. Irvine. Since everyone needs some downtime, John likes to spend it studying other topics like Digital Marketing or building (DIY projects around the house).