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Drbeen is a trusted name in healthcare education and career. We help 15,000 students yearly to study and become successful.

On repeated requests from our students, now we are launching clinical rotation program for you.

Apply now for us to review your credentials. We will offer you a number of possibilities. Decide your rotation opportunity and we will work with the clinic to get your slot. It’s that simple!

We Will Negotiate to Get You a Rotation

You don’t have to worry at all about the logistics. We will discuss your credentials with clinics and hospitals. We will get the documentation for your visa application. We will guide you for the accommodation, transport, travel, meals, and work here.

Drbeen Course is Part of the Package

Over 500 medical lectures in video format covering basic and clinical medicine.

Great Discounted Rates

$1000 $500

One time processing fee of $500.00!

To celebrate holidays and the new year

we are reducing our processing fee to $500.00.

Only a few days left to avail this opportunity.

$1300.00 monthly fee for rotation.

Note: travel, residence, meals and other expenses are not included in the fees above.



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