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These videos have really expanded my understanding of my patient's pathologies.

~Robert Adams (Registered Nurse)

Robert Adams

It’s been many years since O-chem for me, and still, it all came right back.

~Donnie La Marca

Donnie La Marca

DrBeen’s 1200+ Lectures Are Mini Medical Marvels.


They’re Comprehensive

At DrBeen we go the extra mile to thoroughly present a topic, covering its fundamentals, and its clinical points. These topics are presented by seventeen top US specialists, just for you.


They’re Snackable

At DrBeen,  we know that you are busy taking care of your patients. These lectures are crafted to suit your on-the-go lifestyle. Having snacks? Fit in a DrBeen lecture with it so that you don't need to later!


They're Clear

The medical field is vast. You not only have to learn, understand, and recall, you have to apply this knowledge constantly. DrBeen lectures are clear, easy, and recallable.

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Irritable Bowel Disease (IBS) - Pathophysiology and Management

Drbeen has a way of making learning easy and enjoyable. Now having completed my degree, I use the education provided stay current, increase my knowledge base, and provide my patients with up to date evidence based care.

~Kristy Diffley (FNP-C)

Kristy Diffley (FNP-C)

How Is DrBeen Different?

For primary caregivers, advanced practitioners, and other professionals, the course curriculum covers the toughest, most high-yield topics. For example, if you’ve always been confused by systolic vs. diastolic dysfunction, our videos are designed to melt away your confusion, as they have for countless other medical professionals.

Choose from up to 800 CE/CME topics included in your membership!

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* Taught by practicing doctors and certified by 11 prominent U.S. boards.


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"Let the kidneys dish out the bicarbs." What a great line!

Sean Andrews - Physician